The Designer

Sam Oglialoro

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Sam Oglialoro pays homage to his heritage.

Oglialoro began his career in fashion design at an early age. As the young protégé of a true Milanese couturier, he took his first steps in the world of haute couture design under the masterful guidance and tutelage of his mother.

Oglialoro continued his studies at the Melbourne Fashion Institute during the 1980’s; however, he quickly grew frustrated with the conventional techniques applied to pattern design and garment construction. Turning his back on formal training, Oglialoro entered the fashion industry where he was able to freely challenge the status quo.

Gaining valuable experience through collaboration with couture fabric retailers in Melbourne’s exclusive fashion district, Oglialoro started to develop his own style and a reputation for creating impeccably crafted garments.

Building on the reputation of his freelance designs, Oglialoro grew in confidence and his designs became more innovative. In 1990, he unveiled his first signature collection and soon his skills and creations were in high demand throughout Australia.

In 2000, having gained great respect from industry peers and adoration from loyal clientele, Oglialoro was ready to establish his own label and founded OGLIA-LORO, distinguishing the man from the design house.

Renowned for his passion, daring, and continuous drive for perfection, Oglialoro is today recognised as one of the most innovative and exciting designers in Australia - a true visionary.

Oglialoro is greatly influenced by the fusion of complementary design elements: opulence and simplicity, delicateness and strength, classical lines and contemporary styling. An OGLIA-LORO creation is synonymous with each of these; it is the epitome of exquisite fashion and sensuality, created for the woman who exemplifies glamour and sophistication.

Attracting a growing following of national and international clientele, Oglialoro has dressed some of the most beautiful and fashionable women for The Academy Awards, the TV Week Logie Awards and the BAFTA Awards; forever linking OGLIA-LORO with the glamorous world of show business and entertainment.

The latest collection from OGLIA-LORO of seductive couture designs is only available at the flagship boutique, located in Melbourne's exclusive South Yarra precinct.

Enter the boutique and you enter the world of fashion luxury.